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What's Happening At The Embassy?

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Saturday April 29, 2023 Revival Night was held @ The Embassy. Pastor Andy Arguez in collaboration with Apostle B. Dwayne Harding hosted REVIVAL NIGHT right here at The Embassy. We experienced a bilingual worship experience filled with Miracles, Healings, and Freedom. This was a night of prayer for families and their finances.
It was extremely successful! Don't miss the next one!


We were introduced to one of the most powerful ministries we could ever have. Minister Fontaine is actually doing something to help many of our young people who are in dire situations. He visits families individually and has a 90% success rate. God has his had on him. Thank you Prison Doctor for visiting the Embassy!

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This was the Highlight of our March Celebrations. Apostle Hardin's Mentor and Covering, Dr. Pat McKinstry, will honor us with her presence Saturday, March 25th at 10:00AM. She is one of the strongest voices for the Kingdom of our time. She gave us Words of Wisdom for our time!

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Apostle Doctor Nesbitt spoke Rivers of Life into the Embassy to kick off a Month of March Celebrations.

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This began a series of rare and unusual times for the Men to come together to learn and share the real issues of life. These are Extraordinary and Powerful experiences for the Men of the Embassy.

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The Chosen Fast-Dimensional Shifts

Jeremiah 32:42-44. The was a time of a dimensional shift for all involved. Mission Accomplished!

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The Extremely Successful "Prophet's Weekend" Conference of 2022

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Prophetic Conference 2022 Pouring Oil on Prayers

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Prophetic Conference 2022
Congregation Prayers in Oil

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Dr. Connie Gives Prophecy at the Prophetic Conference 2022

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Apostle Blessing Prophetic Conference Participant

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Prophetic Conference 2022 Participant

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Panel Discussions 2022 Prophetic Conference

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Embassy Kings: Casey and Stephano

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Our Apostle became a Consecrated Bishop at a wonderful service. See it on YouTube!

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The Bishop of Bishops Anointing The Bishop. Bishop Garlington & Wife, Bishop Swilley & Wife, Dr. Connie

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Apostle and Pastor Andy travailing for our country.

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Our Opportunity To Honor the Kingship of the Great Men of Our Church & Highlight Our Youthful Kings.

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Apostle Worked Miracles at ALC!

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Apostle and Dr. Everett McBee

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Apostle and Bobby, Men Not Afraid of Work

Apostle and Swilley.jpeg

Apostle and Pastor Swilley

Apostle and Deuce.jpeg

Apostle and Deuce

Apostle and Deacon.jpeg

Apostle and The Superintendent

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The Jackson Twins Baptism

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Pastor Michael Fisher, Guest Speaker

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Apostle Hardin Enjoying Guest Speaker

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Embassy Members


Delores Embraces New Member

Leon Timbo.jpeg

Renowned Songster Leon Timbo

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Apostle Ryan LeStrange

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Minister Jackie Fleming

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Singer Lawrence Flowers and Prophet Joseph

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Regular Guest, Tourissa

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Singer Chantae Cann

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Singer Y'Anna Crawley

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Larry, Praise Leader

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Praise Team

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Angela Givens, Praise Team

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Ketchup and Angela, Praise Team

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Dr. Mack, Praise Team

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Onecia, Praise Team

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Jonathan and Jonathan Awesome Musicians

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A Wonderful Experience! Prepare now to attend next Year!

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2023 Conference

The Embassy
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