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This is a great place to inform Embassy members and friends about your business. 
We have a large in house and online audience that regularly check this app for information about what is happening at the Embassy. Once the Directory is completed it will be easily available on this app. So be sure to describe your business in an appealing way for our Embassy Business Directory. We are looking forward to learning about your wonderful Business Enterprise. Blessings. 

Business Architecture for Kingdom Ambassadors - Online Training by Doris P. Johnson
Learn state-of-the-Art skills and techniques used by the most successful businesses such as Apple, Charles W. Swartz, Mertz Chemicals, Birkenstock Shoes and others.
Avoid Common Business Mistakes! Grow a Solid Business. Enjoyable Training at Your Own Pace!

Juice -on-the-Go  by Angela Coleman

I am a Certified Health Coach @nutritionschool & Certified Master Life Coach @transformationacademyonline
I coach - Choose LIFE!

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